SpinRite 6.0 Full Version

Download SpinRite 6.0 Full Version

SpinRite 6 Crack download With Serial KeySpinRite 6.0 Full Version is a powerful DOS data recovery program Which You Can Download From MasterKreatif.NET. SpinRite is reliable to perform recovery on an unreadable hard disk. For additional information, SpinRite been developed and reliable as data recovery tools ranging from the 19th century. SpinRite is a magnetic storage data recovery, repair, and maintenance program and works only on HDD’s (Hard Disk Drive) and not SSD’s (Solid State Drive). SpinRite is a self-contained program that runs on top of a version of FreeDOS (Free Disk Operating System).

SpinRite only running on DOS mode, it is not without reason, because there are some things that can not be done when the system is running or the hard disk is being used. SpinRite is designed to recover data from the unreadable hard disk drive. SpinRite includes a feature called DynaStat that can reassemble missing data from bad sectors.

SpinRite has five (5) levels of operation, each building on the previous level.

  1. Examine the hard drive surface.
  2. Recover unreadable data on the drive.
  3. Refresh the hard drive surface.
  4. Locates surface defects.
  5. Restore known good sectors.


  • Rich disk format support, and more.
  • S.M.A.R.T. monitor features
  • Repair unreadable hard disk
  • Recovery data from unreadable disk


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  • Windows NTFS & FAT, Linux, Novell, Macintosh disk formats

How to install?:

  • Run SpinRite 6.0
  • Create bootable
  • Now boot and enjoy

SpinRite 6.0 Full Version

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